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Privacy Statement
This describes our privacy policies and procedures for information provided to us by consumers who visit any of our Web sites listed immediately above and obtain or seek to obtain financial products, services or other products and services we offer on our sites.

We are a web design and advertising sales organization. We do not directly solicit information from visitors to our sites. However, in the course of conducting our business online, it is possible that some information could come to us indirectly or inadvertantly, by whatever means. This privacy statement is meant to address those rare instances.

To further clarify what we do. AirTravelDiscount contracts with various sources for financial services or products to advertise their services or products on web sites we design. We are authorized to provide you, the consumer, access to these services or products by way of banners and links provided by those sources on our sites. We promote our web sites by various accepted means, but entirely on the Internet. We ARE NOT authorized to consult or give advice on any of these services or to administer any financial services or products. We ARE NOT licensed nor do we provide advice or other services related to taxes, insurance, investments, credit or other financial products or services.

Information We Receive
We do not solicit nor do we collect information from consumers on our sites. That is done by the sources we are linked to. You should refer to the privacy statements available on their sites as most do collect information about you. However, some of our visitors sometimes mistake us for the actual providers of these services and products. On occasion our visitors contact us directly or forward legal documents to us. It is our policy to direct people to the proper sources immediately. If we receive documents, it is our policy to not open a sealed envelope or read any such documents. Instead, it is our policy to immediately forward such documents to the proper financial sources; unopened.

All financial products and services offered on our sites are intended for consumers that are at least 18 years of age. Most services are only offered to US residents. But some are available to residents of Canada and the United Kingdom. Yet others are available for a worldwide audience. Each carries a description of where and to whom a particular product or service may be available.

Information Collection
We do not collect any information on our visitors directly. We do subscribe to a web hosting service that provides statistics on where a site visitor comes from; i.e. the URL and/or ISP of the site or source from which you, the consumer, may come. The type of browser you use is collected. The pages generally visited are collected.

Information Sharing
We do not share any information about you with anyone except where information may be forwarded to us by mistake. We then promptly forward such information to the appropriate financial institution without viewing such information ourselves.

Accessing Your Information
Since we do not collect and maintain information about you, there will be no information in our files to access. However, you may contact us at the places indicated at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about our privacy statement.

Technical Information

We do not plant cookies on your computer.

But, some of the sources linked on our site do. Cookies are gathered by them for routine web site maintenance, to establish that you are a unique user, and for purposes of assessing the effectiveness of their products and services. You have the option of disabling cookies on your computer. However, as a security precaution, in order to apply for a loan at some of the sources linked on our sites, you may be required to enable cookies on your internet browser. Cookies may also be used by them to remember your log-in username, if that is an electable option at their sites. Other technical information may be collected by the sources on our site.

Disclosure Policy
If there is a rare circumstance, not immediately evident to us as of the writing of this policy statement, where information about you is collected by us, either directly or indirectly, is required to be shared with others, we will immediately notify you of such circumstance and obtain permission to share such information. If sharing of the information is required in a legal proceeding and the law requires us to share the information, we will abide by such laws and where appropriate, according to the mandates of the legal situation we may be confronted with, will notify you immediately of such information sharing.

Web Traffic Statistics
Neither your links, nor other web traffic statistics we may collect from you, will be shared with any other party. These statistics may be stored for up to a year by our web hosting company, but we never share such statistics.

This site is not a secure site. It is not required, since we do not collect information from you on this site. The sites that are linked on our pages are almost always secured sites. However, you should determine that at the sites you visit which are linked on our pages. Check for digital certificates from services such as Verisign or secure sockets.

You may contact us about our privacy statement using the contact information Please DO NOT contact us about a financial institution, product or service listed and linked on this site. You will need to CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY with your questions or inquiry as we are not involved in the financial process or administration thereof.

Privacy Statement Updates
We reserve the right to modify or amend the Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason. We will make the current version of the Privacy Statement available to you at our Web sites.
Your information will be handled according to the practices and procedures in place when it was initially collected unless subsequent authorization, as necessary, has been obtained.