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Orbitz was started when five airlines - American, Continental, Delta, Northwest and United - came together to develop a travel website that would serve people better. Their goal was to provide a place for convenient, one-stop shopping for low-priced airfares.

Today Orbitz is able to book flights and fares from more than 450 airlines worldwide. Savings are not limited to airfares discounted hotel and car rental rates are available too. has become so proficient at what they do that their competitors are crying foul.

Animosity toward Orbitz began in 2000, when United, American, Delta, Northwest Airlines and Continental Airlines invested $145 million in a venture that was to become Orbitz.

Orbitz first bagan selling tickets in June, 2000, and by February 2001, sales reached over $1 billion. It rival competitors, Expedia and Travelocity took four years and three years respectively to reach the same mark.

Orbtz rivals claim that a great deal of their success can be attributed to to the fact that they can Orbitz the lowest fares because of their "most-favored nation" status, a designation that guarantees that the company gets the airlines' lowest prices on many fares.

Orbitz has countered saying they were the victim of unfair advertising competition as Travelocity has a lock on AOL and Yahoo advertising while Expedia has a lock on Microsoft MSN and

Air Travel Discount believes the competition is healthy and the customer wins as more and more discount fares become available

Customers have rated Orbitz very highly in satisfaction surveys - the vast majority indicated they would use again and would recommend them to a friend.

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